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Welcome to ACT inc 

ACT inc is a full service background casting company specializing in commercials.


With over 25 years experience in BG Casting specifically, we treat each job with equal importance, no matter of its size, location, or union status.

We have serviced intimate, small jobs where the selection of the BG can be as important as casting on camera principals to large jobs of up to 500 plus background where attitude, having wardobe and being on time is as important as the extras themselves. From large sports scenes to elegant weddings where wardrobe can make or break the day. We have done it with huge success.


Our diverse group of registered talent ensures that we can cover a wide spectrum of types and backgrounds, from young to old, edgy to conservative, urban to business, etc. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it. It is with this committed work ethic that we expect our talent to represent the same philosophy just as our clients expect our quality of service. We take pride in the fact that anyone representing ACT inc on set adheres to our established quality of work ethic, attitude and behavior.

Our goal is simple, but vital: make the client happy. We do this by providing amazing talent but also by going the extra mile every time.

Background talent provided by ACT inc

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