Registration for new talent or update for current talent

 **We are only registering SAG/AFTRA talent at this time.**

ACT inc always welcomes new talent. In order to be considered, please adhere to the following criteria. Pictures are extremely important. You must provide your own photo, and the photo must be you from your upper waist to the top of your head. Minimal (plain) background, non-blurry. Wear clothing that best represents your look (i.e. business, edgy, youthful, hot model, etc. ). No logos and nothing too bright. Basically .. the same on set rules regarding wardrobe apply here as well..


It is vital that your photo represents your look today. Facial hair changes, extreme hair style changes and noticeable weight loss or gain must be updated. In other words, the photo that is presented to the client must be current. Showing up on set not looking like your photo could result in you being sent home.



Anyone who has already registered with ACT inc can update his or her info here as well. We consider everyone who submits.


Please email your photo ( 3.25'' width x 5.00'' height 72 dpi or 234x360 ) to   Please include height and weight as well as SAG status