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Veterans in Excellence :

Our goal is to make our clients lives easier. We pride ourselves in trouble shooting. Thinking ahead to what your needs might be and having those bases covered just in case ahead of time. Our lines are open 24/7. We have no agenda about who is cast. 


Services include background talent casting and payroll needs (if you need it). We provide all info to the talent such as map, wardrobe, call time and any special needs that are required of the extra on the day. We are very hands on. We do not close down until all BG have confirmed and we feel confident that everyone has all of the necessary info for shoot date. We are available at all call times no matter the time if any issues pop up. 


We provide SAG clearances, or anything to do with clearing talent for work day. We will address issues that come up with dues etc. and can provide copies of the clearance upon request.


Put simply, we want to provide the best casting service possible. To hear the needs of production and the ad agency and to fulfill those needs start to finish.

If you need anything not listed here, just ask and we will make it happen.

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